Our every day goal is to create Clothes that Respect the Planet and the People who inhabit it. Sustainable, ecological and originating from fair trade. Designed and crafted with every detail in mind.


Tiralahilacha exists because ethical and sustainable fashion is possible.

We design for you, respecting our Home-Earth and its People

Controlling all production stages from start to finish makes it possible for you to receive a beautiful, well taken care item when it reaches your door. It meets all the standards of ethical and sustainable fashion.


We defend ethical and sustainable fashion with values. Respect to our workers and everyone involved in the process. We do not believe in the buying - using - throwing away dynamics of today's most big clothing brands, which basically generate large-scale waste and social inequalities everywhere.


We are committed to responsible and fashion-conscious shopping. Your wardrobe speaks about you, your style and how you are, but also about your values. Tiralahilacha was born with the drive to offer you Ethical and Sustainable Clothes that you resonate with, because by wearing our items, you are also taking care of the planet and the workers in the textile industry, setting an example and taking responsibility for your acts, as the unique and beautiful grown-up human-being that you are. We encourage small-scale fashion, slow-paced and committed to fair trade, responsible production and good care of the environment.

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Choosing the best and most respectful materials to make our collections is one of our priorities. That's why we only work with 100% organic and ecological cotton farmers, eco high quality linen producers, and RWS Certified Merino Wool partners. From the raw materials we first make the threads and then the fabrics that will shape our dresses, skirts or t-shirts.

Once we have the fabric, we take it to be dyed and printed to companies that only work with low ecological impact dyes and that recycle 80% of the water they use in their processes. This way we ensure that all materials and processes involved in the creation of our collections are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Production Process

Controlling the production process of all our collections is also a priority for us. At Tiralahilacha we develop and supervise all design and production stages involved in crafting our clothes. Starting with the design of patterns and prints, followed by selecting the finest 100% organic fair trade cotton / linen / merino wool in order to make our own fabrics and then finishing the clothes with the color & patterns we want. To us, the process matters as much as the final result.


Throughout this journey, we are not alone, there are many people and partners that share the same vision about the world and that have been with us all along. From organically grown organic cotton producers, who supply us with the yarn, to small workshops next to our factory in Spain, where we craft more than half of our total production (in 2023), to factories and workshops in India, where they ecologically weave and dye many of our fabrics and make our collections with the highest quality standards.


Our textile factory was originally founded in 1962. We have been designers & manufacturers of clothes since then. It was in 2008 when Tiralahilacha hit the stores as a brand fully commited to sustainability, producing mostly in India, because it was and it still is part of our history and who we are. Some of us have lived there and it is our way of giving back to its people everything they gave us. Contrary to what sometimes is missbelieved, there are socially committed workshops that employ women at risk of social exclusion and pay them a decent wage.. There are also factories that care about the environment using just low ecological impact dyes, without heavy materials or pollutants. Currently most of our collection is crafted in Spain, but we still manufacture a good amount of goods in our workshops in India.

Toxic-free water dyes

All our clothes have official certificates such as GOTS, Fair Trade or Oeko-tex, contributing to an ethical and sustainable fashion.

Our Packaging is also Sustainable

We take care of even the smallest detail. Therefore, even our packaging is 100% sustainable. All our labels and the boxes we use to deliver your orders are made of recycled cardboard and paper. They have the FSC certificate, which guarantees that they come from sustainable forests and that they are biodegradable. We avoid using plastic, a highly polluting material for the environment. Even buttons we use for some of our garments are made out of Corozo or coconut