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TENCEL™ fibers

A fiber that will not leave you indifferent. It is as soft as silk, durable, and absorbs moisture, ensuring a fresh and dry feeling, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Its heat-retaining capability increases the durability of garments. An eco-friendly fabric for the conscious consumer seeking luxury without compromising the environment.

Tencel fibers are extracted through sustainable and eco-friendly processes where the used water is purified and up to 99% of the organic solvents that break down the cellulose are recycled, thus closing the waste loop. It is a process with low greenhouse gas emissions.

The cellulose spinning is extracted from different trees, mostly eucalyptus, but also pine, beech, and spruce.

These trees come from certified (FSC) sustainably managed forests, thus avoiding the felling of endangered or old-growth forests.

It is a material with a very low environmental impact compared to traditional viscose, as it does not require irrigation or pesticides for its trees, thus creating a sustainable, biodegradable fabric that is kind to your skin and the Planet.