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Welcome to Tiralahilacha - Tiralahilacha

Discover how a sustainable fashion brand is reborn


If a few months ago someone had told us that today we would be here, launching this space, I would have doubted it.

Looking back, I want to explain what I mean in case you're unaware. In February this year, we made a tough decision: to step back from the rush we'd been living.

After 15 years with the brand, enjoying dressing you and creating our own universe, Tiralahilacha reached a turning point .

Somos Tiralahilacha, una marca de moda sostenible

We needed to pause, let go, breathe, and get some fresh air.

When we announced this, the outpouring of support was incredible. The number of messages and gestures we received was overwhelming.

We raised what we needed to produce  KUDUMBAM, our summer collection.

And as life often does, it presented us with unexpected and magical opportunities.

That's when Tommy contacted us.


This marks the beginning of a new chapter. 

Tommy owns a clothing factory near Barcelona, which started as a family workshop in 1962, decades before he was born. For over 60 years, it has been manufacturing yarn, fabrics, and women's clothing.

Tommy is not only a factory owner but also a musician, a father of two children aged 6 and 2, a surf and snowboard enthusiast, and has traveled extensively.

He shares his life with Gemma, who has been a Tiralahilacha customer for many years. Gemma is a biologist, yoga teacher, and therapist.

The four of them live in a village near the Pyrenees.

la nueva etapa de tiralahilacha


Tommy, deeply in love with the brand, proposed to contribute with his resources and team.

His idea was to rejuvenate it with more strength and identity than ever before.

Together with Tommy, we began shaping an expansion plan to reach more people with our clothing and philosophy, broaden our scope, and manufacture garments in what is now our own factory. The goal is to add value to our Community while remaining true to our values, the ones we share with you. We couldn't be happier or more grateful.

Así es cómo renace una marca de moda sostenible

We remain the same at heart, with the same vision, values, and philosophy. Only now, we are larger, a big family eager to do things better, respecting people and the planet.

The Tiralahilacha family is growing, and we're here to offer you a new version of ourselves.

Same essence, but with renewed energy and more support.

This is one of our new steps. From now on, you'll find a new post on this blog every few weeks, where we'll share more personal stories, tips on how to care for and get the most out of your clothing, insights on how to live sustainably on the planet, and some surprises.

Thank you for being here.

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