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Saray crossover knit dress in brown - TIRALAHILACHA
Saray crossover knit dress in brown - TIRALAHILACHA
Saray crossover knit dress in brown - TIRALAHILACHA
Saray crossover knit dress in brown - TIRALAHILACHA

Saray crossover knit dress in brown

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Saray is a cross knit dress, fitted at the waist with a midi skirt. With a lacing to adjust to your silhouette and side pockets. A versatile garment that you can wear if you are pregnant and also allows you to breastfeed comfortably. The brown acorn print is inspired by the most essential, our environment. Our home, HOME, gives that special touch to the garment.

5% elastane 95% GOTS certified organic cotton

We are Planet Friendly.

Designed in Spain. Ethically crafted in India.

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Organic Cotton

We take care of Nature. We take care of You.

To put it simply, organic cotton is a more sustainable solution. It is grown without pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified.

Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources. Chemical-free agricultural land even stays fertile much longer than land hampered by the constant use of pesticides, so organic cotton farmers generally have a longer cotton commodity lifespan than otherwise.

The benefits are clear: using fewer pesticides means that workers’ health improves dramatically, communities can live in relative health with access to clean water and food supplies, and the land has a longer lifespan because chemicals are not damaging it. It also means the clothes we wear are safer for us since they don’t contain the myriad of chemicals often found in conventional cotton garments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cristina (Barcelona, ES)
vestido bonito, costuras a mejorar.

El vestido es muy bonito, pero se le descosió el agarre del botón al ponérmelo, las costuras de la parte de la espalda están muy mal rematadas como si la máquina se hubiera quedado atrapada en esa parte pasando varias veces, una pena.

Mme rosato valérie

La taille est un peu trop touffue, cela grossit un peu trop pour moi qui suit petite de taille

Laura Mínguez

Muy bonito y muy cómodo, la tela es de muy buena calidad y está muy bien confeccionado. La atención al cliente, excepcional. Gracias.

Cristina Pérez Santiago

La calidad de la tela es maravillosa y el patrón sienta muy bien, lo he devuelto porque no me convence el color, no favorece nada, pero buscaré mismo modelo con color diferente.

Amor Lucena

Es precioso y sienta de maravilla.