Our Core Values

We are committed to making timeless clothes that resonate and inspire change.In 2008 we created our first item of clothing. All these years of experience & feedback explain who we are now.

The road has not always been easy, and we are not perfect, but we continue to learn every day so that our kids get to love this planet as much as we do. Our commitment to designing and crafting the best possible clothing while at the same time protecting the environment is what drives us today.

Protect the Planet

Protect the Planet

At Tiralahilacha, we are devoted to crafting timeless clothes with the deepest respect for the world we call home.

From seeds to suppliers, embracing slowfashion, our mission is to protect natural resources, empower the people making our clothes, and inspire change in the community.

We believe you can have stylish, comfy & durable clothes while at the same time contributing to a sustainable future.