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For products in Stock, place your order before 10:00 and it will leave our warehouse on the same day. Generally if you place an order from the EU, you will receive it in 1-3 working days. From elsewhere, it should take 1-2 more days. (local customs can add to that)



In Europe & the UK, all orders above 100€ have Free Shipping. For smaller orders you will pay for the transportation: 6€ if you're in the EU, and 12€ if you're in the UK or other European Countries.

In the USA, Canada, Singapore & Japan, all orders above 150€ have Free Shipping. For smaller orders you will pay 18€ for transportation.



Size Exchanges are totally Free during the first 30 days after you receive your orders. Returns are also Free*.  Check the Delivery & Returns Page for more in depth information.